Biomm was born with the mission of developing, manufacturing and commercializing biomedicines with global competitiveness, quality and accessibility, bringing the best treatments to a growing number of people.

Founded in 2001, during a split-up process of a major global insulin manufacturer, Biomm is the first and only brazilian company totally focused in biotechnology.

Meet our factory


Our production site is located in Nova Lima, in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte (MG), and is fully equipped with state-of-art  biomedicine manufacturing technology. The plant was built with the objective of providing Brazil with productive independence with regards to high technology biomedicines, such as insulin analogues. Our technology team is a pioneer in pharmaceutical biotechnology in Brazil and very experienced, adding up to more than 20 patients registered around the world  in the last two decades. The team is supported by an also very experienced executive team, which is always well connected to the trends and future perspectives of the market.